In the wind…#15o, #19o and beyond

BWmHv49IcAAcVniOctober 15th
#15o is technical proof of #SocialStrike, strike beyond any sectorialism, usual representations and national borders
We believe that the practice of striking, if we want it to be an effective weapon, must be actualized and reprocessed. The twentieth century is over, even if mainstream workers’ unions and the institutional left do not seem to have everrealised it. The current economical system is completely different from the one of fifty years ago. Immaterial work (the cognitive and relational one,including the circulation of knowledge taking place at the borders between the university of the crisis and the cities of austerity) has today become central in the process of capitalistic valorisation, but is not paid, it is captured inexchange of nothing or almost nothing. Social cooperation is continuously expropriated. The student/researcher, forced to a condition of existential precarity, is exploited as labour-force in formation, while he/she actually is a “worker”, immediately productive and participant in the common life of society.
We need a reaction. Social strike is an attempt to upgrade class struggle.

What does it mean to strike today? It means blocking everywhere the valorisation ofcapital, together, in a thousand different manners but coordinated. It means blocking the fluxes, as the struggles in the logistics sector taught us. For us, situated in between university and metropolis, it means blocking the functioning of the university-corporation, destroying its image, resignifying the circulation of knowledge. It means overthrowing meritocracy against the individualistic-competitive trap, transforming it into a collective self-valorisation dispositive for the sake of sharing rather than privatising.It means reclaiming welfare: fighting against the most expensive universitycanteen in Italy (the one in Bologna), for universal healthcare, for free transport, against these absurdly expensive rents. It means tracing lines of flight from the moral indebtement with our families and from the precariety of our material life conditions. It means affirming practices of social autonomy, becoming a cooperating network, diffused in the territories of the world, beyond usual representations. Because only together, it is possible to win.

October 19th
#19o in Rome will be an event within a process. General uprising (#sollevazione) is a collective bet. A great meeting of all struggles diffused on territories and an occasion of revenge for everyone willing to fight back the misery imposed by the system andto transform it all together, for the sake of a life with more dignity and happiness. NOTAV, NOMUOS, movements for the right to housing, migrants, conflictual unions, workers and students…precarised society rebels. Different subjects, each one bearing its own uniqueness, will meet up and connect their experiences in order to recognise themselves into a common struggle. Together we have decided to refuse austerity and lay siege to the crisis and precarity.
We are working at the “monstruos” synchronisation of a dense multiplicity of precarious subjectivities with the goal of transform it into rebellion against a system of generalized impoverishment. Rather than keep on being frustrated about war among poor, we have preferred to organise our incompatibility and take back what is ours.

Let’s rise up all together: housing, income and dignity for all!

You cannot stop the wind…