[EN] Burn baby burn, we’re all Ferguson! [video]

[EN] Burn baby burn, we’re all Ferguson! [video]

Solidarity from Bologna

Banner No Justice No Peace - Burn baby Burn

No Justice No Peace – Solidarity from Bologna

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Since yesterday America has been burning, against the Mike Brown shooting, one of the many black folks killed by the police, and against the impunity of the murderous policeman.

This is not an isolated case, but it is in a whole system producing poverty and racism, indissolubly tied to each other.
In order to face poverty, this system imprisons and kills the poor, above all those who rebel, in the United States as well as in Italy and in Europe (the bullets that killed Davide Bifolco in Naples or the riot police charges that procured an abortion to a migrant woman in Milan are still fresh in memory.

The State absolves itself, like what happened in Italy with Stefano Cucchi or Federico Aldrovandi that were just two, among several, cases of that kind.

But police brutality exposes the fear that governors and the masters of crisis have.

The fear of the poor and the people hit by the crisis, and above all of the possibility that that these people organize collectively in order to transform their conditions, what is exactly the thing that has been happening during these last months and hours.

Thus today, around 14:00 (Italian time), we went on the rooftop of the Johns Hopkins University of Bologna, institution that symbolizes the American global university in our territory.
There we exposed a banner in solidarity with the revolts in The United States, and we delivered our message with our voices and a megaphone in hand, explaining the reasons of our actions:

“Ferguson – US 2014: No Justice No Peace – Burn Baby Burn”

…because Ferguson’s uprisig is our uprising!

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